Li Wang grew up from a family of artists who prompted his focus towards a career in art.  After graduating from Luxun Art Institute in China, he was working as an editor/art reviewer for Liaoning Art Publishing House for years.

Wang is a passionate and a prolific artist.  He captures the mood, light, and essence in everything he paints, from still-lifes to landscapes to portraits.  Wang’s talent is clearly shown on canvas.  His paintings speak of volumes of his connections between the rich history of his culture and his own current worldview.  The combination of two cultures is prevalent throughout his pieces, such as the still life, which is symbolic in Chinese culture, and the impression landscape, which contain much more abstract elements, such as free-hand brush painting strokes.  He enjoys a variety of subjects and themes and is always finding new ways to express his feelings and emotions.

His art blends the colors and techniques of a classical style, yet with the addition of modern characteristics.  His works affect people on many levels.

“I attempt to transform the subject through life, color, and composition.  My works are inspired from visual memory and are all created with a spirit of joy.”