I merge Asian culture with contemporary elements from the Western art world, creating a unique artistic style. My goal is to showcase the beauty and diversity of different cultures through my artwork, while demonstrating the potential for harmonious fusion among them. Drawing inspiration from various locations and stories in my life, such as contemplating the emotional expressions of master artists in museums, observing the orderly arrangement of boats on the water, or appreciating the scenic beauty of fields under the sky.

In my creative process, I enjoy using a rich textural language to tell stories. I employ red brushstrokes to infuse dynamism into the canvas, breaking free from static compositions. Emphasizing the central power of the artwork, akin to the practice of yoga or Tai Chi, I engage in a dialogue between the heart and the universe, encapsulating the essence within.

By combining traditional Eastern ink techniques with Western colors, I produce unique and visually striking paintings that express my reverence for predecessors, nature, and the interconnectedness of human emotions. Through my artworks, I aspire to engage in a profound conversation with the audience, creating an atmosphere that is difficult to articulate in words. My hope is that viewers not only appreciate the visual content of the paintings but also perceive the inherent beauty and the power of nature that they convey, whether it’s in motion or stillness, ethereal or abundant.